BitBank is a security fintech startup based in Luxembourg.

We are building a new banking grade platform  to store and manage digital assets

Banking Grade Solution

Our solution is primarily for small and medium companies that want to protect their sensitive data (Digital Assets) in the same way that their protect money in a trustworthy place.

Innovative Technology

We are building an innovative private network architecture and protocol. Basically we build a bank infrastructure to offer same premises of confidentiality, trust, guarantee and reliability

Security First Approach

We take security really seriously and focus all our effort towards it. Not only we use military grade encryption and hardware equipment but we also want to make sure that no one, especially insiders, can ever access your data

Valuable Digital Asset Tresor

Secure digital asset storage

Manage your digital assets like your personal bank safe

Digital assets are all your data that have a value. It can be medical records, contracts, insurance policies, personal photographs, backups, projects, passwords or even Bitcoins!

With BitBank, all your precious files are stored and managed in your bank, safe from any type of attacker.

Just like you would manage a physical bank safe or vault with your own key.

“As an individual, your digital assets have an average value of 33.000€” – McAfee

API & Protocol

Easy to integrate and bulletproof protocol

High security often comes at the price of low usability, but not this time.

The BitBank Platform has a complete API that allows it to be easily integrated into your own infrastructure.

You can even build on top of it to automate some part of your business.

Our protocol makes sure that your data is secure at any moment and you can focus on your job.

API and Protocol